IaCHP Credential – Information and Curricula

Des Moines, Iowa - July 1, 2015: The Iowa Real Estate Investors Association and Iowa Landlord Association (IaREIA-ILA) have announced that the initial design of curricula for the IaCHP (Iowa Certified Housing Professional) designation was concluded in October, 2014.  Subsequently, we received national recognition for the program in June of 2015 from National Real Estate Investors Association, of which IaREIA is a Charter Chapter. 

The IaREIA-ILA offered the first 8-hours of coursework October 16-17, 2014 in Council Bluffs, followed by 12 hours of program coursework March 19 & 22, 2015, in Altoona, Iowa.

The IaCHP Industry Credential is obtained after completion of 36-hours of classroom coursework and successfully passing a cumulative test.

The core coursework was developed in cooperation with:

  • Michele Brant, CPM, Earlham, IREM Certified Property Manager), 
  • Roberta McAfee, RE Broker, Des Moines, and
  • Andrew Lietzow, MBA, Exec. Dir. of IaREIA-ILA.

Additional residential rental property stakeholders across Iowa provided input and guidance, including: 

  • Mark Hanson, J.D., legal counsel to ILA for 25 years,
  • Marc Gillette, Vice President of ILA,
  • Daryl Kruse, Legislative Chair of ILA and President of Landlords of Iowa,
  • Nancy Suby-Bohn, a notable expert in IPMC (International Property Maintenance Code), and
  • Joe Kelly, Lobbyist to ILA, our esteemed lobbyist to the Iowa General Assembly for 25 years.

The IaCHP curricula is the most rigorous, formalized Residential Property Management training program in the State of Iowa, which leads to certification by a Professional Trade Association.

It is the intention of IaREIA-ILA that all IaCHP coursework will also provide Real Estate Licensee CEU's, which are required by the Iowa Real Estate Commission for third-party property management. 

Currently, IaCHP classes are now offered to members only, through the IaREIA School of Real Estate (School #35), because we now going direct to IREC for approval of classes and instructors.   We have established a low-cost membership for those who only intend to be a member for the purpose of enrolling in IaCHP classes.   

A listing of both PHP (Professional Houseing Provider - developed by National REIA) and IaCHP (State level) Coursework is available at www.iareia.org/PHP.aspx.

The final, comprehensive certification test is under development, and will be available as more participants cross the threshold of having completed 24-hours of training.  

The certification is designed to be completed in two to three years. 

IaREIA-ILA was awarded an "Honor of Merit Award" for the development of this program in 2015 by the National REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) a 30-year old industry association, based in Cincinnati, Ohio.


(Proposed and under review: It is likely 8-hours of study will be required every two years to maintain active certification as an IaCHP designee. Update classes will include 2-hours of Fair Housing & Civil Rights, 4-Hours of Law and Ethics, and 2-hours of a round-table of pertinent Industry Issues).